It's hard to judge this young man at last year's Boroughs fest without knowing if his mustache is ironic or sincere.

nycobough0811a.jpgDo you want to craft a surfboard like they do on Staten Island? Or skateboard Bronx-style? Well the five boroughs are repping hardcore this October in... Australia. The Boroughs offers up a truly bizarro NYC Culture Festival that will happen down under from October 7th through the 15th. The city-centric shindig is sponsored by Bedford Avenue Media and a magazine "inspired by New York squatting culture," amongst others.

On top of the aforementioned events, there will also be a Manhattan-style fashion show, and the NY Dolls will be performing at a concert where "you can expect to walk into an urban streetscape representative of the industrial edge of New York." Plus, don't forget the film festival where one Aussie will be dubbed "Brooklyn's Finest"! But shouldn't their Brooklyn-based events focus more on canning, rooftop gardening, and procuring artisinal items at large, outdoor food markets? Weren't they even listening when Brian Williams was talking?