With the start of the revised L train project right around the corner, many commuters are anxiously wondering exactly how the suspension of service on nights and weekends is going to impact their daily life. And like Steve Buscemi in a backwards baseball cap and "Music/Band" T-shirt, the L train is deadass ready to talk fam.

That's right New Yorkers: the train isn't ghosting you, it's just curving you. Or maybe it's breadcrumbing? Wait, is this a zombie-ing situation? Outside of that unfortunate bit of teenspeak, the MTA really is trying to reach out to straphangers and help ease them into the next phase of the L train project.

According to an MTA official, this particular communications campaign was rolled out last weekend in an attempt to remind customers the changes are coming (they resisted an even more obvious Game Of Thrones campaign, and for that we should be grateful), and that all of the information about it—and all the service changes to come— will be available here on their website.

This isn't the only part of the public ad campaign either—the MTA says they'll be rolling out new content over the next couple weeks leading up to the April 27th start date, including hard copy brochures in stations with maps, as well as staffers out in stations starting next weekend to talk one-on-one with customers.

And they also have their own newsletter now, because everyone has a newsletter now. It's just a matter of time until there's an L train podcast, isn't it?