Keeping in the electoral mood, Gothamist wants to point out the Museum of the City of New York's exhibit on former Mayor Ed Koch, who is the first mayor we remember (sorry, Abe Beame). The exhibit is called "New York Comes Back: The Mayoralty of Edward I. Koch," which coincides with the book with the same name by Daily News writer Michael Goodwin, and it promises to reveal "the accomplishments and the controversies of the Koch era, shedding new light on one of the great comebacks in urban history." Expect a lot of photographs from his term, 1978-1989. When we looked up Koch's bio on the city website, there's this quote from his inauguration:

These have been hard times. We have been drawn across the knife-edge of poverty. We have been shaken by troubles that would have destroyed any other city. But we are not any other city. We are the city of New York and New York in adversity towers above any other city in the world.

While Koch has endorsed Mayor Bloomberg in Mayor Bling's reelection campaign, Gothamist wonders if that's because one of the exhibit's sponsors is...Bloomberg.

How do you think Koch did? Ed Koch also reviewed movies on the city website up until last summer. We miss them, because they were slightly insane and very insightful (on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: "I may be the only critic who didn’t give this film a glowing review. I found it boring, and I believe that children between the ages of five and eight will find it too scary and those between eight and twelve will at times find it incomprehensible and dull. I - now between 80 and 120 - didn’t always comprehend what was happening.").