When you’re living in a city, often in fairly close quarters, sometimes it’s hard not to imagine your apartment as a live-in box for all your endless stuff. (When did your book collection suddenly eclipse 200?) So it goes without saying that you’ve got to be smart about how your space is organized. We’re not in the business of suggesting you invest in a murphy bed or rent a storage unit, but here’s one thing that doesn’t have to take up a ton of space: your bike.

Welcome to a bike that you don’t need to abandon on the pole of a stop sign or awkwardly wedge in between your kitchen counter and your garbage can. When folded, Brompton bicycles measure just under two feet tall and ten inches wide—that’s small enough to tuck under your desk or in your closet with space to spare.

But why look at size in such abstract terms as… measurements? Is a Brompton bigger than a breadbox? Well, yes. (But who even uses breadboxes anymore?)

To give you a better visual representation of just how small this bike can become, scroll through and see how the size of this innovative folding bike compares to a few more interesting everyday objects. (And dogs too.)

(Jason Bergman / Gothamist)

And in case you missed our bike-swap challenge, check out how the Brompton goes from folded to smooth riding, to everything in between. It’s the kind of cruising just about anyone can enjoy—no reflective spandex required.

(Jason Bergman / Gothamist)

To learn more about Brompton bikes, visit their website and get riding.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Brompton and Gothamist staff.