Whether you're braving used condoms on the subway, used condoms on the subway from Tuesday, or month-old used condoms on the subway, living in New York can be a constant exercise in overcoming your fears. And if in an effort to deliberately scare yourself, you find yourself disappointed by the high prices, low-grade thrills, and drunk tourists at the city's haunted houses, you may be in luck this Halloween. Several millionaires and billionaires put up decorations this week on their Upper East Side mansions, and they're not messing around.

According to the Post, the decorations that hedge fund manager Phil Falcone and his wife, Lisa Maria, put on their 67th & Madison home are so scary that their neighbors are genuinely annoyed. When we dropped by we couldn't find any scared local NIMBYs (they're probably spending all weekend at home, with the curtains drawn, clutching their blankies). And while the zombies, skeletons, and hearse are all impressive, Falcone's best touch is his subtle, but all-encompassing use of rats and hanging rats.

One fearless local resident, however, was not impressed, claiming that the real scary shit could be found five blocks away. And to her credit, media executive Michael Loeb and his wife, Marjorie, rolled even harder with their 72nd & Madison home, trading Winston Smith's nightmare for Ron Weasley's with a display that would make even the most ardent spiderbros squirm. While both houses and their spooky exteriors are open right now, a woman working at the 72nd Street house told us that the Loebs are hosting a haunted open house tonight from 5 to 8 p.m.