We love the Housing Works auctions, and they're having another one right now. You can go check them out in person or online. This year, in addition to the window displays that are on view with auction items, there is now also bidding open on Housing Works first ever Art Auction. The auction features hand picked selections of art including paintings, posters, prints, and mixed media. Check the items out online now.

If you're interested in getting a closer look at a few of the art selections, visit the Upper West Side location today for the Art Auction in-store Event. In addition to displaying some auction pieces, the store will have more art available for immediate sale and other special thrifty finds.

Don't forget the windows though. We love those windows. We sort of want to live in this one.

The art auctions close June 1st at 7pm. The window auctions close on different dates, the last one closes on May 31st.