2005_04_houseofd.jpgYes, we've seen trailers for it. Yes, we've read about it in magazines. Yes, we've seen David Duchovny do the talk show rounds. But Gothamist always knew we were never going to see his writing-and-directorial debut, The House of D, because, well, the idea of seeing Robin Williams play a mentally disabled janitor felt masochistic unless we were seriously medicated. And we think many people would agree with us - the people who cringe when we see Williams approach an awards show podium, when we are watching Access Hollywood, when somehow it's Jakob the Liar on cable. And today, A.O. Scott echoes everyone's fears with the first two lines of his review in the NY Times:

The reasons to avoid David Duchovny's unwatchable coming-of-age drama can best be summarized in a simple declarative sentence. Robin Williams plays a retarded janitor.

Our only problem is that David Duchovny seems like a genuinely funny guy (the deadpan, funny episodes of The X-Files were always the best in our book and he's always a brilliant talk show guest). And Gothamist liked that we learned that The House of D means the Women's House of Detention that used to be West 10th Street and Sixth Avenue in all the press he's been doing. But, still, given someone at the studio thought, "Yes! Robin Williams as a retarded janitor! Yes!" reminds us we can never count on Hollywood.

And, yes, the House of Detention was where the 10th Street garden is now - aka where Miranda and Steve got married on Sex and the City!