October 12, 1978: attendants carry the body of 20-year-old Nancy Spungen from the Hotel Chelsea. (AP)

[UPDATE BELOW] As we mentioned last week, your last chance to stay at the legendary Hotel Chelsea was over the weekend—at least, before it becomes a shell of its former self. Well check-out time has come and gone, and we just got on the phone with one of the residents at the hotel to see what's going on over there. As for their own future, they have no idea—but as for the chaos surrounding the final days of the hotel as we know it, they've got some interesting stories.

We're told there's still one guest left standing, actor Jeff Stewart, who is in town for the Manhattan Film Festival (he won Best Actor!). The hotel tried to toss him out earlier, even though he had reservations through tomorrow—but when he called the cops they gave him two more hours to depart.

As of 1 p.m. he's still there, and the management is in negotiations with the union, and residents have no idea how long they'll have a home for, and oh, someone poured concrete down the sewage pipes (the resident we spoke with says his toilet is still functioning, but that could change). Everything is up in the air considering there has been no word on if the sale of the hotel to Joseph Chetrit has become official (the deadline was reportedly yesterday). We'll update when we hear more from the inside, and if you have any intel about the future of the hotel, we're all ears.

UPDATE: Residents inside the building told us just before 3 p.m., "Union officials concluded a meeting with the current management about an hour ago. Upon exiting the Chelsea Hotel they reported that the sale had not been finalized. Joe Chetrit, the buyer currently in negotiation with Marlene Krauss, the minority shareholder, is said to be having difficulty securing financing. Union officials are to be notified immediately if the sale closes because it means that most of the union workers will be laid off. The permanent tenants have not been given any information regarding what will happen if the Chelsea Hotel is sold. However, a change in ownership does not change the tenants rights."

The lobby is still open, if you want to go witness what could be the final days before this place turns into an Epcot version of its former self.