Yesterday we checked in on Nicki Minaj and Hot97, who have recently had a rift come between them after some disparaging remarks were made about the performer by both DJ Peter Rosenberg and Funkmaster Flex. This resulted in Minaj canceling her headlining appearance at Hot97's Summer Jam this past weekend and her boyfriend threatening to physically harm Rosenberg.

The beef stems from Minaj seemingly leaving her hip hop roots and coming out with songs like her latest, "Starship"—hearing the song and watching the video (below), it's hard not to side with Hot97 with this one! Yesterday, Rosenberg told us a little more about his issues with performer.

Have you liked any of Minaj's work in the past? Yes I told her to her face two years ago at Summer Jam that she could go on to be the greatest female mc ever... and she still could if she wanted to.

Do you think she's being a little sensitive because she knows the song is too poppy/not good? I think she wants to be pop, but also has mixed feelings about leaving hip hop behind.

Have you heard from her boyfriend again—are you worried about his threats at all? No and no... you gain no street cred from saying that you just punched a game show host.

Will Hot 97 continue to play Young Money label artists? I would assume so... I don't think it's that deep for us. We just want Nicki to keep making great hip hop we can support. Listen I consider her to be a major part of this culture and as offended as she was by my words at Summer Jam, I would have only done it at a place like Summer Jam... it's like fighting with family at home as opposed to in front of the neighbors. She's inherently hip hop... it's just that "Starships" is definitely not.

While Minaj has said she'll perform a free show for her fans in New York City this summer to make up for the canceled Hot 97 show, Dr Dre has come out and criticized for not sucking it up, saying she "ruined 55,000 fans' expectations of the night... It has nothing to do with Rosenberg. You go out there and you perform for your fans."