2006_06_alana.jpgHold on: Alana De La Garza, last seen as Horatio's dead wife on CSI: Miami, will be playing the new ADA in Law & Order. Which means that recently announced addition Milena Govich will actually be taking over for Dennis Farina, bringing Law & Order its first female detective. (Govich played an ADA on Conviction, so that's why we were confused...now we wonder if she'll reprise her character from Conviction or maybe play that character's detective twin sister!) So now it's clear what NBC and Dick Wolf are doing: Sexing up the show a bit with good-looking women to bring in men as well as female viewers who want someone to relate to. And let's say this much: De La Garza might be the hottest ADA ever, given the Google Images we've seen (they are pretty much SFW, as there's nothing naked, but we still caution you).

De La Garza used to be on All My Children and seems to be building her website.