Fans of urban exploration photography and naked women, rejoice, for your day has finally arrived! Naked City Spleen features dozens of pictures of Miru Kim posing in front of various urban ruins, including but not limited to the recently destroyed Greenpoint Terminal Market and the very-soon-to-be-leveled Red Hook Sugar Factory. And lest you think this is just about cheap thrills, Miru has a long essay explaining the project:

Photography then is one of my attempts to make that magical moment of assimilation more permanent, by freezing it into still images. When the land of urban wilderness is redeveloped into a mall or condominiums, I will look through the photographs and wonder where the pack of dogs would have gone. The animals who were once so free would be put behind grated metal gates and succumbed to the needles. One significant motivating force in Naked City Spleen is the identification with the creatures that inhabit the forgotten and forbidden urban spaces. Images of my body in the photographs appear to impersonate the condition of freedom which is intrinsic to all sentient living beings.

Now that's what we call an MFA thesis! Bravo! [Via Bucky and AnimalNY, which has recently taken a turn towards the hardcore (NSFW!!!)!]