Sometimes we're amazed at the things that can be turned into reality shows these days. Take, for instance, a new reality show which held auditions in the city yesterday that is trying to find America's hottest mommas.

Though the show has yet to be attached to a specific network its producers hope it will hit the air sometime in the spring.

And in the meantime, MILF-hopefuls started lining up for the auditions at 3:15 a.m. yesterday morning. Every kind of mother you can imagine seemed to have showed up, from a 33-year-old mother of 12 children ("I can do anything. I sing, I dance, I play computer games. I'm talented and I love being a mom. I would have another one.") to a police-woman mother of three from the Bronx dragged in by two of her daughters.

Despite ourselves, we're actually really curious to see what this show shapes up into.

Damien Hurst's 'The Virgin Mother' by editrrix via Contribute.