Harry Potter books being shipped at Amazon; Photo - AP

As Gothamist suspected, Scholastic is suing The Daily News for printing two pages of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix from a copy that was "accidentally" sold early. The best part is that Scholastic is suing for $100 million dollars. (Gothamist is saying "ONE hun-dred million dollars" like Dr. Evil and giggling.) "Jeopardizing" their marketing campaign. Heh. The movie studios wish they could sue for bad pre-release buzz of movies, but they can't. Gothamist salutes Scholastic for continuing the litigous tradition of our country.

J.K. Rowling speaks with Katie Couric; Photo - NBCAs J.K. Rowling told the BBC earlier, she was upset having killed off one of the main characters, but, she added, if "you are writing children's books, you need to be a ruthless killer." Um, okay. Anyway, Gothamist has been wondering who is killed off. Jake is worried it's Hermione. Jen suggested it could be a main but-not-Harry-Hermione-Ron-type main character: perhaps Hagrid, Dumbledore, a Weasley. MSNBC gives some odds about who might die. Katie Couric has the only U.S. interview with J.K. Rowling on the Today show as well as Dateline tomorrow, but we doubt J.K. will give up any huge hints.

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