2004_04_melania.jpgThis one is for all our readers, as we know only hot babes and rich guys read Gothamist. If you are not busy on February 7th, you may want to sign up for the "Natural Selection Speed Date" Rich Guys and Hot Girls". Guys, you'll have to submit a detailed financial statement, including salary ($200K minimum if you're under 25, more if you're older), investment capital, and trust fund money. Ladies, money is not an issue as long as you're hot. Five photos is all you need to submit, and your entry fee of $50 is waived if you are particulary hot, the Post reports.

This exercise in eugenics is being organized by Jeremy Abelson, to promote Pocket Change, his "high-end lifestyle" newsletter. According to Abelson, "Guys like hot girls... Girls like rich guys... Why not bring the upper crust of society together?" So far more than 300 men and 300 women have applied for the forty positions each. An application is on the Pocket Change website, where you will learn that "This genetic cleansing is how the wealthy stay beautiful."

Despite the obvious popularity of the event, Abelson has surprisingly received hate mail calling the speed dating crass and tasteless. New York magazine is listed as a co-sponsor, though it's unclear whether they are, or if Abelson just took out an ad in their classifieds.

Hot, unwealthy guys and unattractive, wealthy women fear not! Plans are in the works for a sugar mama speed date.