One of Gothamist's addictions, Project Runway, aired its finale last night, allowing us to sleep better knowing that evil (and ugly) and good (and boring) were soundly defeated by the fun, crazy and exciting! Jay McCarroll, giving little towns in Pennsylvania a good name, beat Kara Saun, the poised costume designer, and Wendy Pepper, the "mom from Virginia" and villainess of the show, and Gothamist couldn't be happier.

Jay's runway collection was an explosion of color - a little overwhelming, but still, a lot of great, interesting pieces (the detailing on this sweater is sweet, and the final dress was great). Kara's collection was sexy and beautifully put together, but, as Michael Kors said, it was too Gucci (and if Gothamist can see that, then there are problems). Wendy's collection was all right - skillfully tailored, but pretty ugly. Gothamist does applaud Bravo's chutzpah for making sure Wendy's wispy-voiced daughter pulled our heartstrings, though. As for Kara's and Wendy's futures, we can only imagine they will have more success: Kara because she's skilled and Wendy because she's a character.

So, it's auf wiedersehen to Heidi Klum and the gang. We hope that the fashion spread in Elle and $100,000 in seed money to start a clothing line will help put Jay's clothes on our backs (or at least on our wish lists). And it looks like the show's renewal is up in the air though, given the
Weinsteins split with Miramax come September. Perhaps it's a blessing, since it's hard to do "reality" twice.

What did you think of Project Runway?

With contribution from Mindy Bond