A prostitution ring named Excalibur! Hookers! Puns about men with big swords! A NY Governor who uses a hooker! Federal authorities who hate the governor! And a blog that gossips about the Manhattan DA! Law & Order stacked the deck last night in its season finale, by trying to involve murder, rising gold prices, Governor Spitzer's dalliances, and back room politics in one episode.

In case you missed the show, there's a 2-minute "replay" below, but in a nutshell, it was low on sexy sizzle and high on Jack McCoy's crusading. When McCoy, played by Sam Waterston, yelled at Governor Donald Shalvoy for being so reckless as to solicit a prostitute -- he represented many a New Yorker for a few brief moments.

As for gossip about actual Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau...um, he's old?