2006_07_arts_burgep.jpgWe honestly didn’t expect to love internet sitcom The Burg as much as we do. “Making fun of hipsters…so original,” we thought. But you know what, it’s a really good show, and it “works” somehow. With music by local bands playing in the background, the show is a great snapshot of Brooklyn (even if it’s a small, hilarious, thumbnail photo).

The latest episode (the third one so far) is up now and has the characters dealing with finding a new cool bar. By bringing beer to offices, bathrooms, gyms they set up makeshift bars (until, of course, the “bar” becomes too popular, then they move on). The last we see them they’re at “Temple on Wythe”.

We want to see the cast deal with the McCarren Park Pool “situation” (beer lines, Live Nation, etc). Spring would certainly have strong opinions on the whole Clear Channel thing. As would our favorite character, Jed. (We would add him as a MySpace friend, but we’re not sure if it’s cool or not to add fake people.)