Sad news from Curbed today: the giant Star of David from the Rivington Street synagogue was stolen last night, and and before the thieves abandoned it, they broke it in half. According to the talmud, that's like 10000 years of bad luck! The people in charge of the temple should probably be charged with criminal architectural neglect, because they were the ones who left the star sitting in front of the construction site for the last two weeks. Does anyone recognize the location (clues include that Borf face and LES-style red door)-- please write in so we can let the authorities know where the can pick up (and presumably repair) the star. [Related: The Villager is reporting that Curbed's sighting of the temple lot for sale online last week was a hoax-- and the rabbi is now saying that they will rebuild a modest sized temple on the site for $2-3m.]

UPDATE: we walked by this afternoon and found the Star-- it's just around the corner from the temple lot, on Ludlow. The crack isn't that big-- hopefully someone from the temple will pick it up soon.