A rendering.

Rumors are being spread via pageview-grabbing headlines that Ryan Gosling might be the next Batman, when the franchise gets rebooted following the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. The rumor, however, quickly gets traced back to this HuffPo piece, which is just based in some fun with casting, and has no actual validity. But it's too late, the seed has been planted, and America needs Ryan Gosling to be the next caped crusader. In fact, if this doesn't end up becoming a reality, whoever does get cast as the next Batman is pretty much screwed and Hollywood might as well just set the Batcave on fire and bury it in a cemetery that Ryan Gosling can go visit with his girlfriend one day, because that's how he rolls.

Paging Buzzfeed, can you start a petition or protest or something. Change! Hope! Etc!