After all the press (s)he's getting, we're guessing the person posting pages of their novel on East Village lampposts is currently setting up a Tumblr account. According to the NY Post (who ripped the story from EV Grieve), there are currently at least 8 pages of a novel, titled Holy Crap, posted around the neighborhood. After tracking down a couple of pages, they believe it's about becoming a new parent, with passages reading, "Then the baby is on a chest. She is wrapped in a white blanket with green trim." At the bottom of each page, the reader is directed to a new location, where the following page is posted.

At least one local curmudgeon is fully against this expression of creativity, and told the paper, "Honestly, I don't like the idea. I hate it when people just post things everywhere. They have the Internet, why don't they use that?"

Hopefully the project will continue offline; if you want to follow the storyline, the 8th page is on St. Marks Place between 1st and 2nd avenues—if you spot any others around, send a photo and location our way! And here's another photo from EV Grieve.