Last year New York State extended its $420 million very-popular tax credits to film and TV productions working in state and unsurprisingly it is paying off big time. This year alone more than 70 movie and TV projects have come to town, bringing an estimated $1 billion into the economy. And with that moolah comes a lot of boldface names ranging from Anjelica Huston and Debra Messing (who are filming NBC's new show Smash here) to Christina Ricci (who is filming ABC's Pan Am) and Maria Bello (who is filming the American version of Prime Suspect for NBC). And not a moment too soon, what with the loss of the beloved original flavor Law & Order from our shores last year.

"When deciding where to bring their projects, producers have to look for the biggest return for their money," Dana Kuznetzkoff, vice chair of the Producers Guild of America East, told the Post. "New York is now a first choice when deciding where to film."

Other big names coming to town thanks to the credits include Jesus Christ himself, Jim Caviezel, who is filming a thriller called Persons of Interest, and Patrick Wilson, who is filming a doctor drama here called A Gifted Man.

All of these newbie shows join other "shot in New York" programs like Boardwalk Empire, Bored To Death, Gossip Girl, Law & Order: SVU, Royal Pains, 30 Rock, White Collar, and quite a few more. And that isn't even touching all the giant-trailer boasting movies shot around town!