It's a rumble in Word is that dueling freak shows may soon be battling it out as neighbors on the Coney Island Boardwalk. A West Coast sideshow act is angling to set up two blocks from the freak show mainstays of Dick Zigun's Coney Island Circus Sideshow, which includes fire eaters and sword swallowers. The big shot Hollywood honcho, John Strong, would bring in 250 oddities, including a two-headed cow and a 19 inch horse. If his plan comes through, he'll be opening up on April 9th at the former Astroland Park site under the name Coney Island Freakshow (however Thor Equities says they have not picked him for the spot yet). Strong's boasting a big game in the meantime, saying, "My show will do 50 times what Dick Zigun's show does every day. We're going to be on every major talk show and we're hoping we can revive Coney." He better watch his back, though, Zigun says he's ready to protect his turf, and it's likely he's got the locals on his side.