You can't really beat a $1 mini burger that comes with a side of hip-hop history. The NY Times reports on a tiny "new" burger joint in Hollis, Queens (called Hollis Famous Burgers) that also houses a Hip-Hop Museum, and admission is included with your meal (video!). The paper reports that "There are more than 100 items on the walls testifying to the neighborhood as a fertile ground for hip-hop artists. Along with a helping of chicken wings, washed down with a cup of 'Hollis Famous' lemonade, customers can examine the hit CDs of local rap legends" and much more. At the opening yesterday, the establishment (owned by a childhood friend of RUN DMC) received a blessing of sorts from DMC/Darryl McDaniels as he laid down some classic lyrics and delivered a little speech. Will this give Queens an edge against Brooklyn in the ongoing battle to gain ownership of the genre? Even though the birthplace is in the Bronx, the debate has spread to some of the other boroughs.