It's just about a week before Christmas, which means it's time for the office holiday parties. The Daily News has some tips for you to follow, all built on the principle, "Your most important job at the office party is ensuring that you still have one the next day." So the tips include: "Show up!" and "Do not get drunk." Plus, reporter Michelle Megna has some tales of holiday parties horrors, like passing out and vomiting before 10PM and people stealing bottles of Veuve Cliquot, but Gothamist was most amused about the statistics at the bottom: A survey of different party revelers shows that 79% take more than one piece of food in a tray (but the crabcakes are soo good), 69% take centerpieces without asking, 42% dance "in an overly suggestive way," and 16% have sex at an event.

Holiday party tips from Emily Post. And one Christmas office Gothamist is interested in attending: BBC America's marathon of The Office.