As the number of shopping days tick down in the single digets, you may have a few people on your list who call themselves cinephiles. Or at the very least are movie-lovers. In which case we have a few gift giving suggestions for the season. And if you've finished all your shopping already, remember that Gothamist has been a very good little weblog this year...

talkingedna.jpgThe Incredibles Interactive Talking Edna Doll -- She's a sassy, pint-sized fashionista and now you can have her in doll form, spewing 60 sayings with voice recognition! Fans of Brad Bird's Pixar movie will not tire of having "E" calling them "dah-ling" all day. They just won't.

Memberships to New York based, non-profit Film Groups -- Helping someone to become a Young Friend of Film at Lincoln Society, a member at Film Forum, Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space or at the Musuem of Modern Art will keep them in discounted reperatory movies all year long and be funding a good cause. YFF costs $225, $65 for a single membership at Film Forum, $60 for Symphony Space and $75 at MoMA.

Movie Chain Discount Cards -- Sign someone up for free popcorn on Tuesdays and a free movie ticket for every 12 they buy with the Regal Cinema's Crown Club card. Sure, they have to remember to carry it with them to the theater but those little discount coupons spitting out of the credit card machine are just too fun.

DVD Box Sets -- It seems like every year there's another rash of must-have DVD box sets, each one with more bells, whistles and commentary tracks than the next. Nothing really says Christmas like a Criterion disk in the stocking, but other than that what movie geek wouldn't love the collected Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings? Also lovely, the Wong Kar Wai box set from Kino for a slightly different kind of movie geek.

Movie Posters -- For covering the walls in a movie fan's home, browse through the Posteritati collection online or visit their store at 239 Centre Street. It's the best place for difficult to find vintage movie posters as they have a little bit of everything in terms of international poster design.