Shia LABeouf of HolesA.O. Scott gives a glowing review to the movie, Holes. Or Holes, The Movie. He even called it the best movie this year. Honestly, I am SHOCKED. Mainly because the trailer for it was so crappy, I was annoyed I had to sit through it. Scott wrote a piece about movie trailer watching a month ago, speaking to the joy of the movie experience that expands from what's on the screen to your experience in the theater. Previews are a part of the foreplay, Scott contend, which I agree with. They just drive me crazy at the same time, since they can give too much away and make no sense and inevitably have all the best scenes in those few minutes. But the really good ones, like the teaser for The Hulk that debuted before Spiderman, that to me was better than the movie itself, can leave one thrilled at the possibilities.

Watch the trailer for Holes and judge for yourself whether you'd see this movie. Movie trailer watching, or avoiding it, came up in an interview with Roger Ebert. [Via Romenesko's Media News]

Supposedly, Holes a really good book...lately, the only children's books I'm familiar with are in the Harry Potter and Princess Diaries vein. Buy Holes by Louis Sachar for a middle-schooler you know.