NYC SantaCon organizers warned us last week that as awful as our Santacon may be, it's nothing compared to "the sleighshow that happens in Hoboken each year." Indeed, this year's sleighshow dashed through Hoboken on Saturday, and by the time it was all over, 14 people were arrested, four officers were injured, 46 tickets were issued for moving violations, there were 33 summonses, and the cherry on top was a bloody brawl at a Johnny Rockets. Let the cries of the gentlemen in the video below fill your ears with festive cheer.

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante live-tweeted updates about the chaos as the day progressed. He said that at least two officers were hurt in a fight near participating restaurant Cadillac Cantina. One of the officers was hospitalized with a dislocated thumb, while the other was punched in the face. Two men, ages 22 and 23, were charged with aggravated assault for those incidents.

Ferrante added that the 22-year-old Santa, who was from Middletown, NY, was processed and released quickly enough that he ended up returning to SantaCon for another round of drinks: "Ironically, Det. J. Quinones saw the individual who injured him later & was taunted after arrestee was released as per criminal justice reform, entered [bar] Texas Arizona to drink more," he tweeted.

Two other officers were taken to the hospital after they were exposed to blood during the aforementioned brawl at Johnny Rockets. "That's 4 officers needing medical aid, & some wonder why I condemn this day!. No other day like it entire yr in @CityofHoboken. Those that cause it need to be pay the consequences," he wrote.

Other people were arrested on charges including disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated. At least one person was arrested for a “sexual offense,” while another was arrested for burglary and theft. Many of the summonses were issued for public urination and disorderly conduct, and Chief Ferrante noted that the number of summonses actually decreased from last year. And at least one man was charged with resisting arrest after leading police on a foot chase.

Also worth noting: The Jersey Journal reports that there were fewer than 10 participating bars for this year's event, compared with over 30 in 2017 (there are over 130 liquor licenses in Hoboken). According to hMAG, Hoboken’s premier lifestyle magazine, many bars were actively turning away people in santa outfits to avoid...all of this:

Still haven't gotten your fill of SantaCon? Don't worry, you still have a few days to rinse the dried vomit from your long, white beard: Long Island's SantaCon kicks off this Saturday, December 22nd, in Rockville Centery.