The new season of the Apprentice premiered on Thursday with its celebrity (or "celebrity" - if you consider Omarosa from the Apprentice's Season 1 a celebrity) twist. The show received its best ratings in two years, winning the 9PM timeslot for viewers ages 18-49. The Donald said, "I was really happy. I wasn't expecting this."

We missed watching it, but NBC offers episodes online - you can see the premiere here - so we saw the Apprentice's idea of celebrity includes KISS's Gene Simmons, Marilu Henner, Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore, TV executive Nely Galan, Stephen Baldwin (not Alec, not William, not the drugged out one who was so good on Homicide - the Republican one!), Playboy pinup Tiffany Fallon among others. Eh.

However, as previously seen, the premiere did offer Mayor Bloomberg visiting the two opposing teams Hydra (the guys) and Empresario (the girls) as they tried to selling goods from a hot dog cart. Bloomberg, accompanied by Trump and various Trump kids, said, "As the number one frank-o-phile, I'm supposed to see if you guys can cut the mustard." Who says reality shows aren't scripted? But he does love hot dogs - he had them at his second inaugural and is much loved by the Nathan's Hot Dog!


Other people who stopped by the hot dog carts included porn star Jenna Jameson (above left; and FWIW, her caption read "adult film star" - hee!) whose boyfriend extreme fighter Tito Ortiz is a contestant and the Mets' third baseman David Wright visited the women's cart (one of the contenders is Jennie Finch, Olympic gold medalist from the women's softball team and wife of an Arizona Diamondback).

And Hizzoner can apply to any mayor.