Haunted houses aren't just for Halloween, especially in New York City—the most haunted city of all! (Allegedly.) Today EV Grieve has been trying to figure out if this old boarded up house at 222 East 13th Street is really haunted, and until Scooby Doo and the gang arrive in the Mystery Machine, it's been left up to commenters. Eventually this old NY Times article was discovered:

2 GIRLS KILLED IN COLLAPSE OF A STOOP Published: July 02, 1988

Two young girls were crushed to death and a third was severely injured yesterday when the front stoop and the archway of an apartment building in the East Village collapsed, the police said.

Police officials said the girls were sitting on the stoop at 226 East 13th Street, between Second and Third Avenues, when the metal supports under it gave way, triggering the collapse of the steps and toppling marble pillars that framed the building's entrance.

One of the girls, 12 years old, was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center almost immediately after the accident at 3:10 P.M. Rescue workers needed several hours to free the other two victims from the rubble.

So are those ladies haunting the house, or are the ghosts from the public executions that used to take place there? Or maybe ghosts aren't real. TBD!