(Photo by Ricky Patricia Soberano/Gothamist)

There was a time when you could stroll down the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, take a seat on one of the benches, and soak up an unparalleled view of the Brooklyn Bridge. "Just imagine the long days and nights that went into building that thing," you'd think to yourself. "And what a sight it must have been to see E.F. Farrington crossing that bridge on a zipline!"

"Ah, 'ol E.F., bet he was some character," you'd chuckle to yourself.

Finally, you'd find extreme comfort as you thought, "New York City might be changing at an alarming pace, but some things will never change, like this view."

NOPE. The famous view from the Promenade is now tarnished by a shiny behemoth known as the PierHouse—a sprawling luxury condo complex built upon sacred parkland that was sold to developers. While construction is nowhere near done, it has been growing, compelling some to make some noise:

The 108-units will be housed in two buildings, one on either side of the Squibb Park Pedestrian Bridge, and the northern building closest to the bridge will be the highest, at 10 stories (this section will also house hotel rooms). Here is today's view from the pedestrian bridge:

(Photo by Ricky Patricia Soberano/Gothamist)

Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation's Belinda Cape told us, "The Pier 1 residential and hotel development occupies the site where the derelict Cold Storage Warehouses once stood and blocked views of the Brooklyn Bridge from the Promenade. The Pier 1 development is of similar height to the Cold Storage Warehouses and does not obstruct the view any more than the old crumbling warehouses once did. The Cold Storage Warehouses were only demolished by BBP in 2010 in order to allow for the development of the Pier 1 project. Moreover, the northern section of the Pier 1 development sits outside the protected view corridor. The section that is within the view corridor will only be 4 stories." Here's what that looked like:

(Courtesy of Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Visitors to the Promenade, however, had some negative comments on the view-blocking structure. Eva Reese told us, "I think it's terrible that if I wanna see the view of the Brooklyn Bridge or any of the park [while] sitting on this bench, that actually blocks the whole right side of the bridge. Wait, what building is that that it's blocking? Is that the Empire State Building? That's tragic."

Michelle Gomez agreed, telling us, "I think it's ugly... to put an apartment building [there]. I think it's beautiful for the people who can afford to live there. I think it's a gorgeous view. But I don't think it's gonna be beautiful for the people who don't live there because it's kind of blocking a landmark... it is kind of in the way. If this [Promenade] didn't exist, I guess then it would be okay. But so many people come [here]... it kind of takes away from the tourism of New York."

And one Michael Fabian was poetic and brief in his comments: "It's a shame that people pay to steal beauty that comes for free."

Additional reporting by Ricky Patricia Soberano