Photo by Sam Horine/Gothamist

According to an internal email obtained by Billboard, Roseland Ballroom will be shutting its doors in April 2014. The venue opened in the 52nd Street spot in 1958, but they had been operating out of a different nearby space starting in 1919 after moving to NYC from Philadelphia.

While Billboard says the venue is "a favored" one by bands, it certainly hasn't always been for fans—the sound, overpriced drinks, the overbearing security, and the always nightmarish egress were amongst its downsides. John Del Signore recalls the cattle chute that followed most concerts, with "security yelling at you to leave immediately after the show to be squeezed into the long death march through the lobby and narrowing hallway to the doors." (They almost confiscated his drugs once, but he outwitted them.)

It's unclear at this time why the venue is closing, but we'll update when we have more information. We've reached out to LiveNation, who books the space, to confirm and for further comment.