Photo by Louise Weinstein

In late August, a listing for the building housing Arthur's Tavern popped up, declaring the building could be delivered vacant to a buyer. This would mean the end of the historic Grove Street jazz club, right? Not exactly. Jordy Freed of the Blue Note Entertainment Group (which runs Arthur's) told us today:

"The reports that Arthur's Tavern will be closing and the building is for sale is not true. The real estate listing referenced is erroneous and was not authorized by Bensusan Restaurant Corp. By no means is Arthur's Tavern for sale at this time, nor has it been since we purchased the venue.

We purchased Arthur's Tavern so that the site would not become a victim to the changing times. We are committed to preserving jazz and legendary live music venues in New York City. Arthur's Tavern is the epitome of this mission, a truly historic venue that will be here for many years to come."

Move to make Blue Note Entertainment Group the overseer of all city venues.