Aging hipsters, have you been wondering what your next move will be when you outgrow your skinny jeans and youthful neighborhood? The Brooklyn Paper gathers you'll probably still be "too cool" for the Brownstone set, but point you over to the micro-neighborhood of Greenwood Heights, "tucked between overpriced Park Slope and undervisited Sunset Park." Located just below the future hipster resting place hotspot of Green-Wood Cemetery, it's currently a growing community of "creatives, freelancers and hipsters who have had it with the North Brooklyn scene." The "Mayor of Greenwood Heights" told the paper, “There’s a very good mix of people here, but it still has a neighborhood-y, working class feel to it." Last year the Sun (R.I.P.) took a look at the neighborhood, reporting that typical homes ranged from $700,000 to $825,000.