Have you ever wondered where hipsters go to get their Fight Club on? If you guessed the warehouse at 72 Allen on the Lower East Side, you guessed right! According to the Feast, "Reports are scarce, but our tipster -- who shot the grainy photos above at last Friday's installment -- assures us the crowd, which he estimated to hover near 1,000, is of the super good looking variety: 'The girls are ridiculously hot, but all strung out looking model types, while the dudes are tatted up and would probably be labeled d-bags if they weren't so good looking too.'"

However, the cops busted things up "around 1:30 a.m., causing quite a stir as everyone frantically b-lined it through a cloud of weed smoke for the one door in the four-floor walkup." But don't worry, there was a voluntary fee going to an organizer's charity for to teach youths about healthy living (Project Mayhem?).

For further education: A person who witnessed a March match described the festivities, "The fights started around 10:30 and opened with a tall lanky white boy and a milli-vanilli mopped brother; both fighters had chest tattoos that screamed 'I look like a badass'. The fight was sloppy, but both boxers put their all into it and some punches squarely connected to the glee of the intoxicated crowd. As the boxers threw their punches, fans slurped 40oz’s of malt liquor, sucked down cigarettes, puffed much ganja and fondled each other, obviously urged on by the thrill of violence."