Yesterday, we were tantalized by the "hipster trap," baited with PBR, American Spirits, pink sunglasses and a yellow bike chain. We talked to Will Simon today, who took the above picture on Sunday, and he told us a little more background info on the cardboard traps.

Simon told us the two people responsible for the "hipster traps" are Jeff Greenspan and Hunter Fine, and adds "looks like they've done some similar outdoor work in NYC before." And we have taken notice of some of those other projects: Greenspan was the artist who came up with the idea for the tourist sidewalk lane, in conjunction with Improv Everywhere. Fine describes this work, "Urban Traps is a project where we lay traps for certain subcultures. Our goal is protect neighborhoods from infestation and collect different species for further study.""

And yesterday, Greenspan tweeted, "Placing some hipster traps in Williamsburg now. If you know a place that needs one, or have suggestions for bait, let me know." He also gave a preview of a spin-off project: "Coming soon: Bridge and Tunnel Traps. Watch your step." If you see any of the "hipster traps" around town, email us with pics at