It's been just over 6 months since the Hipster Grifter, Kari Ferrell, was introduced to the masses. Happy belated anniversary everyone — remember, we're all in this together, and it isn't ending anytime soon. Bucky at Animal, Ferrell's pen pal while she's in jail, just received his latest correspondence from Salt Lake City... and it looks like she's coming back to NYC.

Like any good grifter would, she's coming back to cash in on her infamous story, possibly as early as next month (you know, whenever they let her out of jail). Other than that, she says Inside Edition paid her a visit in jail; declares she gets lots of fan mail; wonders if Lucy Lui portrayed her on Law & Order; and directs everyone to naked photos of her online.

Whatever Ferrell does before her fame bulb burns out, it sounds like she's gonna be doing it in New York. Get the welcome wagon ready.