Everyone can breath a sigh of relief and stop checking their wallets now: the Hipster Grifter has left New York. Bucky Turco says that he received a text message from Kari Ferrell early this morning (followed by a phone call), saying she had turned herself in to police in Philadelphia because “things were getting ridiculous.” Why Philly? The grifting mind is a mysterious thing, though she claims she simply “didn’t want to do it in New York.” Gawker further investigates, reporting that she was booked into custody last night at 10:35 p.m. as a fugitive from another jurisdiction. Meanwhile, she promises to give her new internet friends her jail address in Salt Lake and asks that they please write while she's behind bars. But maybe Kari will be putting some pen to paper on her own, because if you can't grift: get a book deal. UPDATE:The Observer follows up on the story they started, saying it's now up to the Salt Lake police to come and get her.