A tipster who snapped these photos in Greenpoint had one question: "What is it?" Gothamist's resident bird expert believes it's a Chukar Partridge, a Eurasian game bird first introduced out west. So what's it doing here?

"Chukars are usually seen in the high desert plains areas, but they're really popular as game out in Idaho," birder Louie Nottingham tells us from his home base in Montana. "I just got back from Idaho and they're everywhere. I think it's pretty unusual to see one roaming around New York City." Indeed, as a cursory search through the city's birding message boards doesn't yield any Chukars. Does it always look that puffed up? Is it offended by flash photography? "It may be cold or frightened, but they're stout little birds. That's pretty much what they look like. Maybe someone was raising it and it escaped."

If you're missing your little Chukar, you can probably find it at Manhattan Inn, or Three Kings. We heard that it needed some touching up on that sick bird tattoo it has.