This morning Justin Bieber continued his promotional tour of New York City with a trip to both Power 105.1 and Z100 to promote his new album. And where Bieber goes, Hipster Cop follows! (He was into Bieber back when he was busking in Canada, man.)

Gothamist's Tien Mao was on the scene outside of Z100 (located inside of 32 6th Avenue) after camping out all night to get Bieber's autograph "turning down the wrong block on the way to the subway" and stumbling upon the barricaded Bieber fans. Along with them was a Seersucker suited-up Hipster Cop standing like a cool Buddha in the midst of the tween scream chamber. Mao reports back:

"I was walking by the entrance to the building, someone ran out and mouthed 'he's coming out,' so I stuck around... He came out of the entrance, people started shrieking... he took photos with his fans and then went towards his car. Some fans seemed to get into a cab with the intent of following him, like in the movies. His car was caught in a light, so fans ran up to it... Hipster Cop saw this and started towards the light, but it turned green before he needed to do anything."

Hipster Cop, unable to do anything more for Bieber, turned to the remaining fans and patted one girl on the head, assuring her: "next time."