Last night Rat Dog ended their three-night run at the Beacon Theater. The band is led by the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir, and is one of the few left that will bring the hippies out to the Upper West Side (pictured).

As for the band, they blogged about their stay, saying, "We’ve gotten to New York City – ‘just like I pictured it’ – and things are getting seriously New Yorked." For those keeping track for tape-trading purposes, the Thursday show included Warren Haynes joining in on Sugaree, while "a fine vocalist with Janis-like powerful pipes named Dana Fuchs, jumped in for an incendiary closing Lovelight."

A source tells us that both young and old hippies showed up, with many bringing their babies. Hopefully they protected their baby's ears, though the source tells us, "I think the babies were left in strollers on the sidewalk during the show to practice their hacky-sack skills...that's only a guess, though."