Hillary Clinton's new memoir about the 2016 election, What Happened, hits bookshelves next week, and she'll be signing copies at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square on Tuesday for folks with the strength to relive last year.

Clinton will be on hand at 11 a.m. on September 12th, and the Barnes & Noble location will be distributing a limited number of wristbands starting at 7 a.m., which you can score if you purchase the book there. (In 2014, the wait was hours long to get into the Hard Choices book signing.) Clinton will also sign copies of the illustrated children's book version It Takes a Village, which was initially published (for grown-ups) in 1996. (And if you miss her next week, Clinton will also be signing copies of her new book at Fort Greene’s Greenlight Bookstore on Sept. 27th.)

Clinton's memoir has been met with some mixed reviews—some Democrats have seen it as a form of score-settling that will escalate tensions within the party. In the book, she partially blames primary rival U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders for her loss; says President Obama held her in a "straightjacket" during the primary race to keep her from going after Sanders; and details her negative reaction to Vice President Joe Biden's suggestion that her campaign failed to reach out to the middle class, among other things.

Some Democrats say it's time to move on. "Maybe at the worst possible time, as we are fighting some of the most high-stakes policy and institutional battles we may ever see, at a time when we’re trying to bring the party together so we can all move the party forward — stronger, stronger together,” Rep. Jared Huffman, a Northern Californian Democrat, told Politico. "She’s got every right to tell her story. Who am I to say she shouldn’t, or how she should tell it? But it is difficult for some of us, even like myself who’ve supported her, to play out all these media cycles about the blame game, and the excuses."

An NBC poll found Clinton's approval rating is at a super-low 30 percent, not that it really matters anymore... Unless she's eying a run in 2020?