Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took very different approaches—and vastly different attitudes—in appealing to voters with their last-minute pleas before voting started. Clinton continued to emphasize positivity and seemed to almost be having fun despite the extreme anxiety that permeates the election, hanging out with beloved musicians and savoring the moment: "It is the most humbling feeling," Clinton told reporters after voting in Chappaqua this morning. "I know how much responsibility goes with this and so many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country, and I will do the very best I can if I’m fortunate enough to win today."

She and her team—including Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Secretary of Roots Rock Jon Bon Jovi—also participated in the Mannequin Challenge aboard their campaign plane, which is certain to lock up the elusive Venn Diagram of undecided voters who only learned what the Mannequin Challenge is from reading an article in the NY Times yesterday.

She also posted one final inspirational campaign video:

Trump, on the other hand, floated toward the end on waves of bitterness and insecurity during his final campaign appearances yesterday, "assailing the 'crooked media,' attacking a 'corrupt Washington establishment' and mocking Mrs. Clinton over and over." On a Fox News appearance this morning, Trump made it clear that he sees the whole election as a waste of his time if he doesn't win:

If this is not the definition of a SAD! tweet, I don't know what is:

Will Clinton hit an angry-white-men roadblock on her way to the White House, or will Trump be immortalized as the sorest loser in American history?

UPDATE: If you wanted a "Black Beatles" version of the song....