Lizzie McGuire Movie PosterLizzie, close-up

Fifteen year old industry, Hilary Duff, is featured in the second item of the Observer's New York World column. Why? Because her breasts are stopping men in their tracks. There is some debate about whether or not they are Duff's breasts, but the killer quote is from Elisa DeCarl: "My guess is that they are going for that all-important Humbert Humbert demographic," she said. "The audience will be 90 percent preteens and their parents, 10 percent shifty-looking older men in raincoats." Gothamist thinks shifty-looking older men's ages will start at, oh, 24.

Hilary Duff's official site...and the site for The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

Lynn Harris, who wrote the Observer item, also wrote a Gothamist favorite about guys who like Wilco.

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