2006_04_03_blonde.jpgThere is a little boy on Gothamist's block who has the most striking head of platinum curls. Recently, during a brief stop and chat, Gothamist couldn't help but remark on this to his mother. She responded, "Where we're from in the midwest, no one would even notice his blonde hair. But, here people are crazy for it. I have had women ask for pictures of him to bring to their salon!" Striving for the perfect 'natural' blonde is nothing new, but who knew it was such an incredible status symbol that tow-headed children are perfect salon specimens?

Sunday's NY Times did a feature on the price of being a New York Blonde, literally upwards of $500 a month. Apparently being a NY Blonde is also its own subculture. They have their own stomping grounds (Upper East side), their own hair icon (Carolyn Bessette Kennedy) and their own vernacular (naive Gothamist thought Champagne and Chardonnay were for drinking). Sadly, researchers say natural blondes will become extinct by the year 2202. Who will we look to then when picking out highlights?

Socialites come in other shades as well, which makes us wonder if the raven-haired counterparts have discovered that bleaching your hair can make you stupid? Or are they just rebels? And what's up with Nicky Hilton, is she currently blonde or brown? Hopefully, she's her dark-haired, un-Paris-like self, Gothamist would hate to be the last staunch brunette on the block.

Photo from msneato's flickr stream.