2006_04_johnjay.jpgYesterday, students at John Jay High School on Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn walked out to protest the cell phone ban - and slow security. Cell phones have been banned at public schools since 1987, which is surprising to us, since we know they are sneaked in; students say they are prevented from using them in emergencies. While Gothamist understands the "emergency" argument, we went to high school when they were no cellphones - and calls to the main office work just fine - we think those kids are just into that text messaging business. But the screening procedures, which include checking open beverage containers, sound like a necessary pain. The protest became dramatic (at least on news footage) when a couple students were arrested, some for disorderly conduct and one for assaulting an officer, but the principal felt the protests were peaceable.

There was a walkout at DeWitt Clinton High School last fall, when students were upset with their security screening procedures.

Detail of photograph of John Jay High School taken by Joe Holmes