Gothamist didn't know what to make of this Post article about the excess of teenage proms. Girls and guys are spending up to $3000 on their proms, from renting those awful Hummer limos and buying prom dresses to getting body massages the day-after and having after-party dresses. One girl has a drsesmaker copying the gown Jennifer Lopez wore in Maid in Manhattan, one guy is renting a Rolls-Royce for the evening. Dizzamn. What happened to the days of Pretty in Pink when being humble, making your own crazy dress, and standing up to a weaselly (though, is there any other kind) James Spader was more than good enough? Kids today!

Unintentionally (well, maybe not for the Post) hilarious quotes:
- Flushing High School senior Brian Alvarado on spending so much money: "I want to make this night special. So why not go all the way?"
- An unnamed Spence School senior, "You sort of want to feel pampered because it's the last big bang of your high-school career. To me it's not about romance or losing your virginity, it's about sharing an evening of fun with my friends."

Some other movies with high school proms in them, like Carrie. And Gothamist wonders what your high school prom theme song was: Ours were "This is the Time" (Billy Joel) and "Nerds on Parade" (unofficial).