With the new exhibit of the proposed Highline designs at the Museum of Modern Art opening today and yesterday's NY Times story about some of the design challenges the project will face, not to mention a few beautiful break out days that truly mean spring is here, Gothamist now wonders of now's the time to head to the High Line again to experience it and even take some pictures before things change. In fact, we think it would be cool to revisit the High Line every so often to ultimately create a stop-action photo essay of the changing landscape in the West Chelsea area. Anyone who lives or works with a view of the Highline will probably have some fun opportunities as well.

What do you think of the proposals for the High Line? We'd love for the High Line to be accessible, but, again, it seems almost weird to think of a truly "designed" experience. There's more information from the non-profit spearheading the project, Friends of the High Line, Curbed has some exclusive new renderings for the Highline and a fun book is photographer Joel Sternfeld's Walking the High Line, which captures the High Line in its overgrown beauty. And here are Gothamist's tips on how to visit in the comments section.