This morning, the reservation line for for this year's Open House New York weekend on October 15-16 opened for business (complete with a new $5 booking fee). And, as some of you may have noticed, OHNY's website was a mess this morning—crashing, freezing and otherwise being totally useless, with many of the weekend's most popular sites "selling out" before people could even log on. Are we trying to tour a sewage treatment plant or score Radiohead tickets?! We spoke to OHNY officials about the snafu, and here's the latest:

"As the countdown to the Big Weekend is running out, the openhousenewyork website has registered a record amount of traffic yesterday and this morning, with thousands of people registering for the events. Unfortunately, the high volume of traffic is causing a slow down in the server, making it difficult for some of the visitors to register through the website. We are all both excited and humbled and would like to let you know we are working to accommodate everyone. Thank you all for your patience," said a rep in an official statement.

Our contact also added that "There are LOTS of great sites that do not require reservations." Also, many sites are taking their own reservations independent  of the OHNY website—try checking ticketing agent Eventbrite directly for specific sites you may not be able to access through OHNY. A full event guide can be found here [pdf].

Newyorkology has been live-blogging the sell outs—as of 1 p.m. this afternoon, here are some of the spots already gone: National Sept 11 Memorial, Ghosts of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt, and 7 World Trade Center.