One reason I like press releases from the Martinez Gallery is their use of flowery prose: "The primary examples of this bloodline of real, authentic Bombers are Ghost, in the 80s, VFR, since ’88, JA, since ’90, and Giz, since ’93. Not one of them kowtows before the idols of (1) legality, which of course changes with time; (2) Muralism, practiced so majestically by the Mexicans in the wake of their 20th century revolution (Orozco, Rivera, Siquieros) and from which Jackson Pollock, among many others, learned so much; nor (3) the “Fine Arts,” which are the exact opposite of the kind of work seen, for example, in the extraordinary Thomas de Quincey, that opium-eating murderer of art and life; and of course (4) the piecing, or assembly-line repetition that feeds the hungry maw of the market; not to mention even remoter influences, each with their appellation d’origin. Before this conceptual swindle, which won’t even admit to its own name, only the Bombers propose to do battle, counter current. Only the Bombers dare to look across the river of lies that so many pay tribute to, that so many permit by averting their eyes -- those mute masses that know nothing of true graffiti and even less of its spirit, philosophy and world vision." - opening: feb 22 2002, 8 PM after party: 10 PM.