Will we ever know what's really hidden in the old rail road tunnel beneath Atlantic Avenue? Bob Diamond discovered the tunnel in 1981, and has been giving tours of it—but now he wants National Geographic to help him unveil more of the tunnel in front of television cameras. Problem is, he needs the city's help to do it.

According to the Brooklyn Paper, the archeological dig (which has been discussed for over a year) could be a bust. But if it's not, it could uncover an old steam locomotive, John Wilkes Booth’s diary (that will obviously "reveal who hired him to shoot Abraham Lincoln"), or even vampires! (Crossing our fingers for Eric Northman.) So why hasn't the wall been busted down yet? Diamond needs the city's approval first, specifically from the Department of Transportation.

Diamond told the paper, “We need a knight in shining armor. We need a city official to be the champion of digging up the steam locomotive, because there is going to be a lot of red tape.” If he finds a way through the red tape, he'll then need to find the best route to the area he's trying to reach. He says there are two options, digging in from the street, or knocking it down inside—the former being the easiest. And that's the hold up, because it would mean diverting traffic from that area of Atlantic Avenue for what Diamond predicts will be two weekends. But c'mon motorists, a little detour is worth finding out who hired John Wilkes Booth to shoot our 16th president, no?